Dear Students,

Welcome to hallowed portals of MIT-WPU and MIT School of Government. The destination where your quest for Political Leadership training begins. Being a part of MIT-WPU family, I assure you that you shall enjoy every ride with us. Focused to make you a complete person, the curriculum encompasses classroom teaching and experiential learning. While learning becomes your focus, we are busy working out the ways to enhance your experience and make learning process more enjoyable. You will get to experience MIT-SOG in myriad ways through Eminent & Visiting faculty interactions in the class, Local Field visits, Study tours for Constituency & Election Management, Internships with political leaders and political party offices, National Study Tour to Delhi and Optional International Study Tour.

Your focus should be primarily on your knowledge that you gain during your stay at MIT-SOG. I encourage you to actively engage in all activities, may it be in-class or outside. The learning that happens now becomes the foundation of your lifelong journey imbibing professional excellence.

My best wishes to you.