Two Year Full Time Master's in Political Leadership & Government

Need for Training in Politics & Government
There is a leader hidden within us. The few who let go of their inhibitions and seek to find answers are the ones who take a lead and inspire others. The society desires a leader, who is dynamic, proactive, capable and above all, knowledgeable. There are a multitude of unanswered questions which we help in addressing and channelizing the energy of aspiring leaders helping them realize their dream.

  • To become trained Political Leaders.
  • To become trained Political Analyst.
  • To understand the dynamics of Indian Politics.
  • To learn to manage Election Campaign
  • To learn techniques of Constituency Management.
  • To understand Functions of Government.
  • To understand Judiciary of India.
  • To understand Bureaucracy of India.
  • To understand biggest Democracy of the World.
  • Know the Ministries, their role & responsibilities.
  • What are the roles & responsibilities of Members of Parliament from Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha?
  • Know the process of drafting & presenting a Bill in the Parliament / Assembly .
  • How is the Budget prepared?
  • What is the role of Planning Commission?
  • How does the Human Rights Commission work?
  • What is Disaster Management?

A dire need was felt for certificate courses and post graduate diploma courses in India. This led to emergence of MBA Colleges that would help impart the necessary knowledge of politics through diploma program and certification courses to empower these young aspirants with the wherewithal and public administration training to build careers to become dynamic political leaders. This culminated in the founding of MIT School of Government in Pune in 2005. It has received a very warm and positive response from all sections of the society, including the public administration, political leadership, irrespective of political affiliations. MIT School of Government (MIT- SOG) was established with the active support of UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Democracy and Peace, World Peace Centre, Alandi, Pune.