MA in Political Leadership & Government (MPG)

Duration: Two-year, Six Trimesters

Total Credits: 90


Trimester-I Subject Trimester-II Subject Trimester-III Subject
Competing Politico-Economic Ideologies Political Communication Politics of Change
Local self-government in India (with Rural Immersion) Public Policy and Advocacy Elective / Online Course
Psephology & Data Analysis Working of Indian Constitution National Study Tour
Elections in India Philosophy of Science & Religion / Spirituality Year End Project
World Famous Philosophers Building of Social & Political Organizations Indian tradition, Culture & Heritage
Mini Project Mini Project Mini Project
Biography Presentation Biography Presentation Biography Presentation


Trimester-IV Subject Trimester-V Subject Trimester-VI Subject
NGO Internship Constituency Research Finishing School
Assembly Election Internship Final Internship


Skill based Certifications

  • Peace
  • Rural Immersion
  • National Study Tour
  • International Study Tour
  • Model Parliament
  • Model Unites Nations
  • Budget Formation & Presentation
  • International Relations
  • Functioning of NGOs
  • Ethical Leadership