Two Year Full Time Master's in Political Leadership & Government - Program Design


Subject Module Value-Added Programmes
Applied Politics
  • Competing Political Philosophies
  • Functioning of Indian Constitution
  • Election Campaign Strategies
  • Political Communication & Social Media
  • Mass Movements and Skills of Negotiations
Rights based Regimes (RTI, RTE, Land Acquisition Act)
Political Branding
  • Psephology and Data Analytics
  • Political Speech Writing
  • Political Strategic Management
  • Political Oratory
  • Constituency Development and Government Schemes
Quantitative Analysis – Excel
Public Policy
  • Issues in Social Justice
  • Fundamentals of Policy Processes
  • Legislative Procedures and Policy Making
  • Human Rights Advocacy
  • Labour Laws and Industrial Relations
Human Rights
Political Economy
  • Economic Concepts and Policies
  • Economics of Development
  • Economics of Banking and Capital Market
  • Agriculture, Industrialization and Urbanization
  • Budget, Taxation and Black Money
Country Ratings
Law, Public Administration and Governance
  • Indian Bureaucratic Structure
  • Functioning of Election Commission 
  • Panchayati Raj Institutions
  • Indian Judiciary System
  • NGOs and Participatory Development
India's Geography
Global Politics
  • Conflicts in World Politics
  • Indian Foreign Policy
  • International Trade
  • National security and Defense Policy
  • Rise of Asia in World Politics 
Map Reading