Other Prominent Personalities

This is a wonderful organization with emphasis on discipline and dedication. I wish the MIT-SOG all success.

Dr. A. Vasudevan
Former Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India, visited 19.09.06

Spent a very lovely afternoon with a live & responsive audience.

Shri. Arun Bhatia, IAS (Retd.)
Former Municipal Commissioner, Pune, visited 16.01.06

I wish to compliment- MIT and everyone associated with MIT for their excellent contribution to higher education in a holistic manner.

Dr. Anil Kakodkar
Chairman Atomic Energy Commission during BANA awards by MIT-SOG, 2009

It is indeed a privilege for me to come here. It is a very bold initiative undertaken by MIT to open a School for Government because I feel there are a large number of people who really need to understand what government is and how it functions. I wish Mr. Rahul Karad and his team all the best.

Shri. Asheesh Sharma, IAS
Municipal Commissioner, Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, visited 12.09.08

Either you live with the law, or your amend it.!"

Adv. Ashutosh Kumbhakoni
Former Associate Advocate General, High Court Mumbai, visited 07.04.2007

Honour to be at MITSOG. You will succeed.

Shri. Avinash Dharmadhikari, IAS (Retd.)
Director, Chanakya Mandal, visited 09.11.06

I am impressed with Rahul Ji's pioneering work in governance by starting this School. Good Luck to you.

Shri. Avinash K. Sahay, IRS
Additional Commissioner Income Tax (Systems), Pune, visited 23.08.07

The Institute is not only one of its kind, but simply great. My genuine appreciation for Dean Rahul's vision built on the foundation of my esteemed friend Prof. (Dr.) Vishwanath D. Karad.

Krishi Ratna Shri. Budhajirao Mulik
Agricultural Scientist, visited 08.09.08

I have delivered the lecture on 'Role of Collector as District Administrator' today. I am impressed with the idea of Master's Program in Government. The students passing through this course will be really very good, practical knowledgeable and basically agents of change in any field, they prefer to be.

Shri. Chandrakant Dalvi, IAS
District Collector, Pune, visited 22.11.08

I congratulate the MIT Institute for all the good work. May God Bless.

Dr. G Madhavan Nair
Chairman ISRO during BANA awards by MIT-SOG, 2009

I enjoyed interacting with Participants of the School of Government a unique institution to prepare future leaders of India.

Shri. G.V. Rao, IAS (Retd.)
Ex-Assistant Director General of UNESCO, visited 29.12.05

Excellent facilities seem to have been provided in this School of Government. We need in India, at present, the trained personnel' in government-both Political & a political. Mr. Rahul V. Karad & Prof (Dr.) Vishanath D. Karad deserve lot of appreciation for this.

Shri. J.P.Dange, IAS
Addl. Chief Secretary, Forest Dept. Maharashtra, visited 30.01.09

I am very impressed by the course on MITSOG. This course will set the Participants on the right course in governance.

Shri. Jayant Umranikar, IPS
Commissioner of Police, Pune, visited 10.12.08

This is a great and commendable effort, to train future leaders of our great Nation. Mr. Vishwanath Karad and his son deserve all praise for this maiden & novel venture. I wish them all success.

Shri. Lakshminarayanan, IAS (Retd.)
Former Secretary, Inter-State Council Secretariat, Union Ministry of Home Affairs, visited 12.12.07 & 13.12.07

Thank you for your genuine hospitality and academic discourse. We look forward to a long standing relationship between MIT-SOG and the U.S. mission in India.

Ms. Lynne Gadkowski
Deputy Director, American Center, Mumbai, visited 9.04.08

Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak with MIT-SDOG students. It was a great pleasure and honour to be here.

Mr. Michael Newbill
Chief of Political & Economic Section, US Consulate, Mumbai, visited 18.12.07

I was truly impressed with MIT and with all you have accomplished. The MIT-SOG students were clearly very smart and well read. I enjoyed our interaction. I hope to return again in the future.

Mr. Michael Owen
US Consul General, US Consulate, Mumbai, visited 25.05.06

The MIT-SOG certainly will help shape netter leaders for India's future. I was honored to be asked to address the students & the Faculty, and look forward to be coming back again.

Dr. Mihir Meghani
President, Hindu-American Foundation, visited 19.01.08

It is an inspiration to visit this MIT Group Institution representing the vision of Dr. Karad. This fills a felt need in our country for value based education.

Shri. N. Vittal, IAS (Retd.)
Former Central Vigilance Commissioner, visited 11.05.06

It's a fantastic Institution and I take it as a privilege to interact with MITSOG. All the best to the Institute.

Shri. N. Venugopal
Director & ex-officio Member, Center for Documentation, Research & Communication (CDRC), visited 10.01.06

I am impressed with the discipline and the cordial atmosphere prevailing here. Taking in to th consideration the fact that the Institution is in its 4 year, the progress made by it is commendable.

Shri. P.B. Sawant
Former Justice, Supreme Court of India, visited 20.10.08

I was delighted to meet students of this course & interact with them. The course design and philosophy behind it are commendable. I wish the School every success.

Shri. P. Karandikar, IAS
Divisional Commissioner, Pune, visited 15.11.06

This is visionary-much needed today to have our educated youths to run governance. Enough is enough-Action time: Join the Govt. through this route and make a 'DIFFERENCE'

Shri. Paresh Chaudhary
Group President, Corporate Communications, Reliance India Ltd, Mumbai, visited 06.02.09

I wish and pray we have an institution like MIT-SOG in Bihar. A truly enriching and spiritual experience. I feel good and enlightened. All my best wishes and prayers to you.

Shri. Prakash Jha
Film Director, visited 18.04.06

The MIT School of Governance is doing a commendable job in educating aspiring political leaders in all schools of thought and making them reflect upon governance issues.

Shri. Pravinsingh Pradeshi, IAS
Municipal Commissioner, Pune, visited 31.08.07

Leaders of tomorrow, if they have to be trusted for shouldering the responsibility of leading the Nation, must have their roots in Indian culture and Indian cultural values. I am happy to see for myself that this institution through its Management & its Teachers believes in this. Congrats. Keep it up!

Shri. R.C. Lahoti
Former Chief Justice of India, visited 29.11.07

It was a pleasure visiting the MIT School of Government to talk to the Students here who were all very committed and inter-active as members of the one year course on Government.

Shri. R.C. Iyer, IAS (Retd.)
Former Upa-Lokayukta, visited 16.12.05

Concept of human worship will not work in politics. A good leader takes everybody together.

Shri. Rajdeep Sardesai
CEO, CNN-IBN, visited 05.10.07

It was a great pleasure visiting your institution. You are doing a great worth for nation building. God bless you all.

Lt. Gen. Rajender Singh SM, VSM, UVSM, AVSM, PVSM, ADC
Director General Infantry Forces, Indian Army, during MPG-04 inauguration on 05.09.08

MIT-SOG is a unique concept. Wish there are many more such colleges to guide our youth how they could be constructively active in taking our India forward at a greater pace. May MIT-SOG become as famous as the MIT of U.S.A

Smt. Rajashree Birla
Chair Person Aditya Birla Foundation, Mumbai during Convocation Ceremony of MPG-03 on 02.10.08

The Program is wonderful vision & training program to have wonderful leaders of India.

Dr. Raj S. Babu, IAS
Visited 14.03.07

This Institute will assure the common man that the students coming out of this institute will be having the basic knowledge, qualification and motivation, and doing it with specific purposes will instill a lot of confidence and trust.

Shri. Ramgopal Verma
Film Maker, visited 16.09.06

It is a pleasure to come to MIT and meet Prof. Karad & Rahul. The concept of a political school is a very novel idea & hopefully it will help the country in producing better bureaucrats and politicians.

Shri. Sanjay Bhatia, IAS
Addl. Director General, YASHADA, visited 14.05.07

It was a wonderful experience to be associated with the MIT-SOG. The idea of School of Government itself is great and would certainly help the aspirants in reaching their goal

Shri. Santosh Dutta, IRS
Chief Commissioner, Income Tax, Pune, visited 29.11.06

The Leadership program of MIT is a unique program of training in India. The potential of India is no longer a dream, but appears practical and attainable.

Shri. Shashank, IFS (Retd.)
Former Foreign Secretary, visited 27.02.07 later interacted during MPG-04 National Study Tour

I had the opportunity to visit this Institution today. Total Indianisation of Nation in all aspects would get the boost because of this premier institution. My best wishes!

Shri. Shekhar N. Gaikwad, IAS
Additional Collector, Nashik, visited 19.01.08

I had the opportunity to visit this Institution today. Total Indianisation of Nation in all aspects would get the boost because of this premier institution. My best wishes!

Shri. Shekhar N. Gaikwad, IAS
Additional Collector, Nashik, visited 19.01.08

The quality of training given by MIT-SOG is really very commendable. The students were very serious about their vocation and interested in a wide variety of subjects.

Shri. S.P. Kadu Patil, IAS
Director, SIRD, Yashada, Pune, visited 21.01.09

I am willing to accede to your request as a Professor Emeritus. Our youth must always try to 'develop Scientific temper, humanism and the spirit if inquiry and reform' a fundamental duty set out in Article 51-A of our Constitution.

Shri. Soli Sorabjee
Former Attorney General of India and Senior Counsel, Supreme Court of India, 2005

It is a praiseworthy effort. This type of institute is the need of the hour as the country does not have an iconic leadership. These kind of institutes will nurture today's youth, preparing them for the good leadership for the country.

Shri. Tushar Arun Gandhi
Social worker & Renowned Gandhian Ideologist, visited 9.10.09

Had a very good interaction with a knowledgeable batch. My best wishes to all of them. MIT has pioneered a unique work. Cheers for them; all of you out here; keep it up!

Shri. Vijay Arora, IAS
Director Employment Mission, Orissa, visited 8.03.06

MIT is a great Institute of learning. I feel students are very lucky to have a dynamic and learned founder Dr. Karad.

Shri. Vijay Inder Singh
Chairman, Punjab Energy Development Agency, visited 24.05.06

I had an excellent inter-action with MITSOG students. They are bright, energetic, and professional. The program meets a great need of Indian society. I wish the very best to MIT-SOG. Thank you for the opportunity to meet MIT-SOG students.

Prof. Dr. V. G. Narayanan
Harvard Business School, Boston, USA, visited 15.01.08

It was a great pleasure and honor to visit MIT, meet Dr. Karad and address the participants in School of Government

Shri. V.K. Saraf, IPS (Retd.)
Former Managing Director, Center for Police Research, visited 11.09.06

It was a matter of great privilege to visit the Institute for attending the course designed for building up leadership in administration career. My heartiest congratulations to the participants.

Shri. V. P. Rane, IAS (Retd.)
Former Director General, Vasantdada Sugar Institute, visited 22.11.06

I was delighted to visit the School of Government. It is high time; the values of good governance are imbibed by the intellectuals and brought into force in India.

Shri. V. Ranganathan IAS (Retd.)
Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Maharashtra, visited 25.09.06