Two Year Full Time Master's in Political Leadership & Government - Learning Outcomes

The holders of the One-year Master's Program in Government colleges like Post Graduate Diploma or Masters in Law from MIT School of Government, Pune moulded as leaders in politics holding positions in the services of the Democratic societies would master skills w.r.t Personal enhancement and communication with the society.

  • Political Course gives a professional training to pursue a career in politics & government of India.
  • MBA in Politics helps in shaping the career by widening the horizons of performance in Politics by benchmarking the performance of their offices to match the best prevalent practices globally.
  • Political Science courses in India like MA, deepens the understanding the hierarchy of political Science by throwing light on the processes with respect to various levels of government from the Panchayats to the highest national offices.
  • Masters in Politics degree chalks out a bright career in Politics that enables to route with respect to occupying positions in the social, political and bureaucratic structure of democratic institutional offices.