Shri. Sunil Deodhar

Topic:"Booth Management"
Designation: National Secretary, BJP
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Shri. Ashish Khetan

Topic:"Communication for Political Leadership"
Designation: Former Leader, AAP
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Shri. JP Narayanan

Topic:"Traits of Regional Leadership"
Designation: Founder & President Lok Satta Party
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Maj. Gen. Anil Verma (Retired)

Topic:"Impending Electoral Reforms: Who will be the Cat?"
Designation: Head, Association of Democratic Reforms and National Election Watch
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Dr. Pranav Kumar

Topic:"Geographical Moorings of International Politics: From Classical Geopolitics to Contemporary Trends"
Designation: Department of Political Studies Deputy-Proctor, Central University of South Bihar
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Dr. Namrata Goswami

Topic:"Indo-US Relations: Global Context-Regional Determinants"
Designation: Subject Matter Expert International Affairs at The Futures Laboratory, USA and Senior Analyst at the Wikistrat
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Shri. Ameet Satam

Topic:"Oratory Skills"
Designation: MLA, Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Shri. Mahesh Zagade

Topic:"Pre-Covid 19 world"
Designation: Ex-IAS and Ex-Commissioner to PMRDA
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Shri. Vivek Velanakar

Topic:"Right to Information Act"
Designation: Prominent RTI Activist
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