"MIT-SOG has given me a platform for career in politics and I really thank them for it."

Mr. Hemant Ogale
MPG-01, Maharashtra

"This course has changed my view of looking towards politics. It has given me a lot of motivation to work in social sector. Several field visits and Delhi tour has provided me tremendous learning experience."

Mr. Nitin Memane
MPG-01, Maharashtra

I was fortunate to enroll with MIT-SOG in very young age of my life.It not only helped me gain learning from scratch but also built a perspective at a very foundation of my professional life.

Priya Tayde
MPG-02, Maharashtra

I have learned politics through ethical values from MIT-SOG.

Mr. Rakesh Thakur,
MPG-03, Uttar Pradesh

MIT-SOG has instilled on unwavering faith in my mind that youths like me hailing from no political background can carve their own place in public arena. The study curriculum is well designed to shape the initial thinking of a novice intending to contribute to our democratic setup.

Shekhar Borhade
MPG-03, Maharashtra

My idea about politics and political process was vague and ambivalent before I joined MIT School of Government. The training at MIT-SOG has provided me with requisite knowledge and insight into our political system. It has a great share in my success and career in politics.

Sidhhesh Naik
MPG-04, Maharashtra

You cannot acquire socio-political experience by making experiments in the lab. You cannot "create" experience. You must undergo it. And this is precisely what MIT-SOG exactly makes you undergo. This course not only gives you a textbook understanding of politics but makes you come face to face with the ground realities.

Devendra Pai
MPG-05 Maharashtra

Skill Development is taking place in every sector of our country except politics and MIT-SOG is bridging that gap, Youths can explore numerous opportunities in the field of politics through MIT-SOG.

Mr. Sumit Wankhede
MPG-07, Maharashtra

MIT-SOG gives you an opportunity to explore your qualities & abilities.

Ms. Ekta Kalia
MPG-07, Punjab

MIT-SOG has widened my exposure both theoretically and practically towards Indian Politics & Governance.

Mr. Raghvendra
MPG-08, Andhra Pradesh

MIT-SOG was a different learning experience for me.

Mr. Rajan Kalsotra
MPG-08, Jammu & Kashmir