From being close aids of politicians to becoming successful politicians themselves... October 17, 2016

Lalkrishna Advani, Dilip Valse Patil, Ram Kadam, Amit Satam were P.As of prominent leaders prior to becoming Politicians. You might have been surprised by the names.

So, what is the role of P.A. in politics? Is he/she playing a crucial role in the politics and the growth of politician? These are some of the questions in the minds of people.

PA has the ability to make or mar the political career of the elected representative they work with. With their role acquiring such criticality, PA must be multi-faceted multi-talented. For eg. - general alertness, responsiveness, office management, correspondence, reference & documentation, public relations, media relations, social media, organizational relations and constituency linkages. Though PA’s is role is behind the curtain he/ she has to be active everywhere.

PA must have good communication & P.R. skills. Telephone etiquettes - How to speak courteously on the phone, how to write and respond to emails are an important aspect of their job. He / She needs to be silent and unassuming as well as smart and assertive. PAs need to have the full confidence of the leader with whom they work. The mutual relationship of the leader and his/her PA is extremely critical to the success of their functioning together. Despite this, neither do PA require to pass any qualifying examination, nor it is mandatory for them to undergo some training. PA working hours are 24*7. He/ She needs to travel a lot with his/ her leader.

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PA is a friend, an advisor, a supporter, a critic and a valuable assistance for politicians.

- Prof. Mahesh Sane