Politics as the best Career option! - May 7, 2016

As India is progressing to be a global superpower. It needs leaders who are dynamic, proactive, capable and knowledgeable to handle the utmost challenges of Politics. All other professions have dedicated graduate and post graduate programs like Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, Law etc. to have educated & skilled professionals in these respective fields. Then why not in Politics, which in fact is more crucial as it concerns the wellbeing of a nation and its populace at large. Thus, we have professional programs to address the challenges of other sectors but none for those who envision to enter into politics in a professional way.

When we look at the present political scenario, we all feel that India needs Leaders who have a fair idea about what is happening and what they need to do when they take over the mantle. But how do they go about it? Like getting proper guidance, training, knowledge whereby they can form their own perspective, and giving better guidance when leading the country and its citizens. Today’s political environment demands knowledge & skills - like Foreign Policy, Political Economy, International relations, Public Policy, Constitution, Five Tier Structure and grass root politics required to win the elections, Election Management, Constituency Development etc.

The political leaders in their active public life are concerned with Developmental work / Social Work focusing betterment of the masses. They require trained/skilled manpower to assist them in many of these endeavor, like – Policy Associates, Legislative Research, Political Analyst, Political Strategist, Election Consultants, Constituency Managers, Campaign Managers, Public Relation officer, Social Media analyst etc. All these positions require good analytical skills, research aptitude, managerial expertise, leadership & communication skills and good decision making power.

Many professionals work for various government offices/projects and make excellent money & enjoy security in their positions. Think tanks and private firms also provide job opportunities, although the pay in such cases may vary, depending on the grants received and the group's political affiliations. These professionals represent the country in international forums, indulging in debates of grave importance, having meetings with international leaders, passing of bills in parliament etc. They assist to resolve the internal problems and issues as well as we need to make good relation with the other nations.

As professionals strive to work for a corporate organization to enhance its brand equity, maintain a healthy balance sheet, derive a good customer feedback, similarly politicians do so for their respective political parties and constituency.

- Dr. S.S.Haridas