Maharashtra’s Political Health and a Political Health - July 03, 2020

Maharashtra is in limelight since November 2019 due to political turmoil. It started taking shape slowly but Corona entered in the month of March. It begun from Mumbai, as Mumbai is a business and employment hub, it parallelized all businesses and stakeholders of the society. But obvious when social health is facing challenge, automatically opportunistic initiated for new break. Same started in Maharashtra politics. All political parties started playing role from their own perspective in last 3 months.

Ruling Parties

Mahavikas Aghadi started facing heat of the Virus like other states and countries. But issue became severe when mortality rate started increasing rapidly in Mumbai and Pune. Health Minister Shri Rajesh Tope took initiative and entered with medical staff and health ministry. He started monitoring and visiting hospitals. He took various meeting also with doctors and bureaucracy.

Then Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Uddhav Thackeray ji also took initiative for meetings. He started speaking with common man of Maharashtra through television. He created his image as mature and balance CM in crisis. But as time passed he faced issues with bureaucracy, media and other ruling parties.

Governor nominated Seats

Part I

MLC elections were structured in the month of March as per schedule. But the Election Commission postponed an election due to Corona issue till further notice. As Shri Uddhav Thackeray ji was not member of any house, he had to elect within 6 months after taking oath of the post. His tenure was ending in the month of May 2020. Cabinet took a decision under the chair of Deputy CM to request Hon Governor for Governor nominated seat for the Hon CM. but Hon Governor took bold decision of rejecting the request of cabinet on the basis of only 2 months left for the tenure. As per the rule if tenure is below 1 year, Hon Governor can take the decision of not granting the seat to anyone and keep empty. Then political turmoil began between Shivsena and BJP. Shivsena criticized Hon Governor as puppet of the Central Government. BJP replied with not elected but selected CM. Many days battle begun but Hon Governor was firm on his stand.

Part II

Finally Hon CM realized that and communicated directly with Hon PM of India and Home Minister of India. Then Political play began changing scenario of MLC election.

The Election Commission of India took a decision to conduct Legislative Council election in the month of May 2020, which was earlier postponed. Total seats were 9, Mahavikas aghadi was eying on 6 seats. But after the discussion between Shri Modi ji and Shri Thackeray ji, BJP took 4 seats and Mahavikas aghadi 5. It was unopposed election as political compromise was secured earlier.

Shri Sharad Pawar

Shri Sharad Pawar is a veteran leader of India. He is a Master Mind behind Maharashtra government. He has been making sure that government is working under his leadership. He entered on the ground and started visiting various places after the destruction of ‘Nisarg’. He showed Maharashtra that he has been active and in limelight.

Sharad Pawar ji is chanakya in the politics. Mr Raju Shetty (former MP and SSS founder) staunch ground leader and critic of Mr Sharad Pawar is part of Mahavikas Aghadi. He is dissatisfied as his member is not part of cabinet in Maharashtra. Mr Sharad Pawar offered Governor nominated MLC post to him. There are many reasons behind the offer. Sugar industry is facing problems due to corona. Sugar industries are not on the verge of giving expected price to Sugar farmers. For avoiding oppose from farmers he has offered MLC post to him. Raju Shetty went to baramati for discussion with Mr Sharad Pawar. Few years back he did agitation in Baramati. He is facing image issue as well as power issue. After offering seat to Raju Shetty, SSS faced serious internal issues. So Raju Shetty image is hampering. Earlier Sadabhau Khot did same.

Devendra Fadanvis

As he becomes LOP, he started performing. Last 3 months he took initiative in the health and administration issues. He visited several area like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Akola etc hot spots of Corona. He has been taking meeting with bureaucracy. He gave message to common man in Maharashtra that he is active. Compare to hon CM LOP is more working and active. He gave interviews to various Marathi news channels and explore things between him and Sharad Pawar ji on previous meetings.

How Maharashtra Politics will take roller costar in next 4 months?

Hon Governor is not in mood to accept 12 seats proposal by Maharashtra Cabinet. He is using all powers of Governor. He will critically inspect all candidates’ background proposed by Maharashtra cabinet. He will make sure that next 4 months, he will not accept any name for Governor nominated MLC.

Congress is not happy with the government as they have limited stake. Many senior ministers are not happy as they don’t have powerful portfolios. Mr Sharad pawar gave statement against Shri Rahul Gandhi ji statement on China border issue. So Congress leaders are feeling insecure with NCP.

Sharad Pawar will play role with NDA as well as UPA. No one can guess what he can do. So its gamble to relay on him. So BJP has hopes with NCP, as negotiations may end with Cabinet Ministry to MP Supria Sule ji in Delhi and BJP CM in Maharashtra. Mr Sharad pawar is interested to become hon President. If unanimous name is not possible for CM as Devendra ji, chances are that Shri Nitin Gadkari ji or Shri Chandrakant Patil name may come as frontrunner.

BJP is expecting fight within Mahavikasaghadi and NCP as well as Shivsena may offer to them. Then BJP has more negotiation power than November 2019.

It is interesting to observe Mahabharat in Maharashtra in next 4 months as we know politicians are opportunist than ideologist.

- Prof Mahesh Sane