Madhya Pradesh Mahabharat – Would Mr Jyotiradtya Scindia becomes Abhimanya? - April 06, 2020

11 th Dec 2018 declared Madhya Pradesh Assembly election result, which surprised all political pundits, experts and even few congressmen also. The Result was like T20 Cricket match, paradigm was shifting constantly but finally Congress became single largest party. With support of Independents, Samjajwadi Party and BSP congress formed government.

After 15 Years Congress came back in power, which was big achievement for Congress especially for Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia as he took initiative for campaigning. 17th December 2018 Mr Kamal Nath Became 18th Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. The political game within congress started from the same day. As Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia was chief candidate for the post of Chief Minister. But Shri Digvijay Singh played significant role to formulate Mr Kamal Nath as Chief Minister. He used his experience and power with Gandhi family. Mr Kamal Nath retained his state president post as well as became Chief Minister.

First time from Scindia family member lost election

Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia lost Loksabha elections from his stronghold guna in Lok Sabha 2019 i.e 6 months after assembly election. It was trigger point in his political life, as Shri Rahul Gandhi resigned from Party President. He stopped taking decisions in party matters. Mr Jyotiraditya was staunch supporter of Rahul Gandhi called as young brigade.

Congress sidelined Mr Scindia

Madhya Pradesh leaders started disregarding him after his Lok Sabha defeat. He realized that his supporters are also not receiving positions in government and party in. He started raising his issues with Congress supremo Smt Soniya Gandhi ji but Shri Digvijay Singh and Shri Kamal Nath made sure that he was unnoticed.

Since May 2019 Madhya Pradesh congress started facing heat of organization and government issues. But Congress top authorities ignored that, as they were expecting it was small and controllable issue. But as congress is known for late and slow decisions they never acted. But Jyotiraditya was keen on his identity with nuisance and value. He was sure that Madhya Pradesh congress played key role in his Lok Sabha defeat.

Why BJP?

Mr Jyotiraditya Grandmother Late Vijayaraje was founder of BJP and his father late Madhavrao was also in Jansangh. His aunt was Minister in Shivraj Singh previous government. His wife belongs with Gaekwad Royal family from Baroda Gujrath who has close relation with BJP. As Madhya Pradesh has only two big political parties his inclination was but obviously towards BJP.

He started giving hints to Congress high-command by removing Congress party name from his twitter handle. Praising Hon Prime Minister of India for his decisions where congress took different stand. He started avoiding congress meeting in Madhya Pradesh also. Congress also denied him Rajya Sabha Ticket from Madhya Pradesh which was last hope for his political career in Congress.

Political Mahabharat

22 MLAs loyal to Mr Jyotiraditya from Congress Party resigned including 6 ministers in first week of March 2020 and went to Bengaluru Karnataka. (Few months back similar situation happened in Karnataka). Congress tried their best for saving government. Shri Digvijay Singh went to Bengaluru for meeting rebel MLAs but it didn’t work.

22 MLAs presented their resignation to the Speaker of Assembly, so Congress lost their majority in the house. BJP went to the Supreme Court for appealing Floor Test in Assembly as early as possible. As per Supreme Court guideline speaker call for the floor test. Shri Kaml Nath was aware that they don’t have Majority (104 number was required after resignation of 22 MLAs) he resigned before the floor test.

What’s next for Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia ?

He entered into BJP officially on 12 March and become candidate for Rajya Sabha MP from Madhya Pradesh. He has promised Cabinet Ministry in Hon Narendra Modi government with important portfolio.

What went wrong with Congress?

After 15 years, Congress won big and important state Madhya Pradesh in Central India. But congress faced fractions within party from 2018 elections. Mr Digvijay Singh and Mr Kamal Nath were not keen for CM post to Jyotiraditya Scindia. Congress had only marginal majority so they took, casually nuisance of Scindia group. Congress was not supportive in Lok Sabha elections also so Mr Jyotiradiya was distressed.

Shri Shivraj singh chouhan becomes 4th time Chief Minister for Madhya Pradesh. He has challenge of resigned MLAs should win elections on BJP ticket. As he promised he has to give key postion to Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia. Golden opportunity for Mr Jyotiraditya scindia to become Arjuna in Mahabharat but if he missed the opportunity, he has threat to become Abhimanya also.

Time will tell the role of Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia in Indian Politics.

- Prof. Mahesh Sane