Jalyukta Shivar Abhiyan - May 4, 2016

Maharashtra government has launched the project "Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyaan" in 2015 a bid to make Maharashtra a drought-free state by 2019. The programme aims to make 5000 villages free of water scarcity every year. Under the programme, micro-irrigation systems would be encouraged for proficient use of water, hence increasing the irrigated area.  Government will be initially allocating Rs 1,000 crore for the scheme.

With several parts of Maharashtra still reeling under the drought, state government has launched the scheme to combat increasing number of suicide by the farmers of the state. Maharashtra is a drought prone area, especially its region of Vidarbha and Marathwada. In 2014, Vidarbha was deficit by 14 per cent, while Marathwada was deficit by 42 per cent, putting both the regions in the category of drought. Incidents of farmers’ suicide have become very common in these regions. High dependency on Monsoon rain is the biggest factor behind farmers taking extreme step of Suicide. According to an English Daily, 986 cases of farmers suicide were reported from Maharashtra in 2014. In 2013, there were 11, 744 farmer suicides reported across the country out of which nearly 27% (3,146) – the highest for any state - was from Maharashtra. The main reason to suicide is water scarcity, and loan, so the programme is benefited to farmers from draught hit area, and it shall increase the water level of villages which has lowered to 1000 ft. some places in Maharashtra. 

Works to be done under JALYUKT SHIVAR ABHIYAAN.

The mobile app, developed by Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre (MRSAC) is being used to map these locations. The mapped location can be monitored through this web page. The user will be able to download the application, view instruction manual and view mapping locations along with photographs. District-wise, taluka-wise, work-wise statistics is also available both in tabular and graphics form.

  • Broadening and deepening river base
  • Removing silt from lakes, ponds, farm ponds, and canals which prevents water percolation.
  • Building check dams, canals, small ponds, and wells (individual and community).
  • Tree plantation. ETC.
  • Maintaince of old dams, walls, Gates, etc

Unique Features of the Scheme:

Another feature of Scheme is that ‘Common Man’ has started believing in Government Schemes so participation of ‘Common Man’ has started increasing day by day. The Reason why Media, Experts are talking about success of Scheme. Corporates, Social organizations, Youths are playing key role in execution of ’Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan’ More than Rs 250 Cr has been donated by Corporates under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

State Government has combined 14 different schemes under ‘Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan’ Key feature is for Maintaince of Old structure like dams, walls, Gates etc separate funds are allocated first time under State Government scheme.

Powers are shifted from Mantralay (Mumbai) to District Collectors for taking quick decisions and productivity is visible to all. Guardian Minister, District Collector, Sub Divisional Officers, Taluka Krishi Officers are key persons in implementation of the scheme. Almost 22 TMC water storage capacity has increased due to work under ‘Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan’ in a year, else it would take more than 5 years for constructing big projects like dams. It also saved crore of rupees of common man.

If government is willing to work for Common Man then government schemes can get success which is rare example in last 3 decades. Let’s hope for ‘Draught Free Maharashtra’ in 2019.

- Prof. Mahesh Sane.