Guest Lecturer - Shri. Raju Shetti

Topic: Agricultural Crisis and its Solution
Designation: MP, Loksabha

  • Warm Welcome and Felicitation of Eminent Guest Shri. Raju Shetti

  • Shri. Raju Shetti explained society's mindset against farmers, which is root cause of agricultural distress in India.

  • He said that farmers are treated by government and society as a section meant to serve the society without earning profit.

  • Shri. Raju Shetti talked about his own electoral experiences. He also described how he collected funds from the people and for 15 years he is receiving donations from common people to contest elections.

  • Shri. Raju Shetti with Dr. S. S. Haridas, Prof. Parimal Maya Sudhakar and MPG-13 Students.