This Election, the Narrative is in Favour of BJP - April 18, 2019

The moment most Indians or let’s say the world was waiting has finally arrived i.e Lok Sabha Election 2019. This time Narendra Modi, the man himself makes this election interesting weather you like him or hate him. We have been through many twist & turns before elections like rumours of BJP might replace Narendra Modi with Nitin Gadkari to Opposition trying to be united with the Comman agenda of "Modi Hatao". Nothing of the sort happened – neither was Gadkari projected, nor was the opposition able to make pre-poll alliance centrally. To make matters worse for opposition, the Pulwama attack and the Modi government’s response to it shifted the election narrative back in the favour of BJP.

Opposition was seem to be unable to tackle this narrative – the divided opinion between them was visible – few asked for the proofs of the air strikes the few others praised Imran Khan for the return of Indian Air Force Officer. The only united murmur that came out from the opposition over the entire incident was the claim that government is taking political advantage of the air strikes. Even Rahul Gandhi’s campaign of chowkidar chor hai’ which is aimed at the PM Rafael controversy, Mehul Chowksy, Nirav Modi incidents is not getting the desired success. On the contrary PM Modi’s campaign of “Mai bhi Chowkidar" is turning out to be a huge success. The only solace for the congress was the recent judgment of Supreme Court on Rafael, but to what extent it will be able to gain the necessary momentum is yet to be seen. Also Imran khan's statement in favour of BJP just before 1st phase of polling was interesting as it tried to influence elections & was somewhere scripted. Most important part about this election is that is mainly played over social media platform & less on ground & direct citizen are involved. And if Social Media is any indicator – in terms of narrative it appears to be advantage BJP.

- Snehil Desai (MPG batch 14)