Burhan Wani Killing and the Art of Secular Sobbing - July 16, 2016

The Killing of Hizbul Mujahideen Terrorist Burhan Wani last week has triggered a spate of similar reactions from Pakistan’s Foreign Affairs Officials, Non State Actors in Jammu & Kashmir and Communist sympathizers across India. Ruckus created at funerals of such non state actors at every such instance is a regular affair. Reports suggest that Pakistan flags and Anti India slogans were raised during his funeral procession.

And inspite of all this every effort is being made by the self declared seculars to prove that Burhan Wani killing was an extra judicial killing. Some sections of the media and intelligentsia which espouses its love more for Naxalites and Terrorists than our Armed Forces have also gone at length to explain how Burhan’s elder brother was brutally killed by our security forces. Articles are also being written by some media mourners showing how a bright talented kid in Burhan was forced to take the militancy route due to circumstances enforced by the armed forces.

These pseudo secularists conveniently turn a deaf ear to the fact that most radicals promoting Islamic terror across the globe are well educated kids who are brainwashed by systematic propaganda of fundamentalists and almost none have been at receiving end of any systematic slander campaign.

It is important to note that as recently as June 7 2016, Burhan Wani had uploaded a video on YouTube in which he had calmly claimed revenge against anyone who would promote Indian laws in Kashmir. His father has gone on record seeking Kashmir’s independence.

The armed forces have dealt a severe blow by Killing the face of Tech Savy Terrorism and giving a stern reply to unruly stone pelting mourners. Our Armed forces have also displayed their love for the Kashmiris during last year’s flood evacuation exercise, training bright Kashmiri students to get admission in IIT’s and rescuing them from every natural calamity they have encountered. It is time the peace loving majority of Kashmir realizes this and helps our armed forces show the radicals their place.

All these incidents also raise another important point. Such vitriolic anti national campaigns run by the separatists in Kashmir gives further credence to the demand and necessity of separate residential colonies for ex-servicemen and Kashmiri Pandits. Ex-servicemen and Kashmiri Pandits if rehabilitated in their original neighbour-hoods will end up being soft targets for such hate mongers.

For now the Indian Army has given the right message…

‘Tum Kitne Burhan Nikaaloge,

Har Har Burhan ko Maarenge’

- Prof. Manish S Kelkar